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1975 February Cycle World Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

Road Tests: The Ultimate Comparison Test - Suzuki Rotary RE5 vs. BMW R90-6 vs. Kawasaki 900 Z1B; Harley-Davidson SX250; Kawasaki KT250 Trials; Technical: inside Suzuki's Rotary; U.S. National Speedway Championships; Features: Racing Man - a gallery of photos by Raymond J. Lustig, Jr.; Mert Lawwill: The Pain Was Tremendous; The Cheaters and the Sponsorship; Moto-Bike - Yamaha has a new bicycle; more

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Cover Photo: The revolutionary new Suzuki RE5 and the more traditional mills from the Kawasaki Z1B and BMW R90-6

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Good