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David Mann ''Hand-Painted Hand, Painting'' 16 x 20 Matted Biker Art #9209ezrxmc

"Hand-Painted Hand, Painting"

David Mann biker art centerfold poster removed from a vintage 
Easyriders motorcycle magazine, matted as shown, ready to 
insert into a 16" x 20" frame. 


$ 22.99     Available: 1     Back

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Using the "living art" technique seen in other centerspreads, the artist blurs the distinction between reality and illusion by making his own hand a part of the painting. Dave's subject is a particularly fine-looking classic, the 80 flathead. This  mill is synonymous with chopper heritage and tradition, symbolizing the essence of the lifestyle that revolves around the Harley-Davidson V-twin engine. For many bikers, the 80 flathead is a work of art in its own right. Using paint to realistically create the appearance of chromed metal is a formidable challenge to the artist's skill, as well as to his patience and stamina. "Reflections on polished surfaces are made up of lots of different colors," Dave points out. "I have to go over the work 20 times or more to achieve a realistic look. It's difficult and time-consuming, but the results are worth the effort."

Great vintage motorcycle artwork print to decorate your office, garage, basement, rec room & more! Makes a great gift! 

Size including mat: 16" x 20" 
Image area: approx. 10" x 15"