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David Mann ''Rumble Inn'' 16'' x 20'' Matted Motorcycle Biker Art #8411ezrxm

"Rumble Inn"

David Mann biker art centerfold poster removed from a vintage Easyriders motorcycle magazine, matted as shown, ready to insert into a 16" x 20" frame.


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As any fan knows, many of Dave's creations involve the bizarre, the surreal, and/or the supernatural. His skill at representing the weird and the eccentric is undeniable. But he also possesses a special talent for down-to-earth works that capture the essence of experiences familiar to nearly all bikers. In the present instance, some yo-yo parked his dinkass import in front of a biker bar and is now suffering the consequences of his own stupidity. He's reluctant to seek the bike's owner and ask that he move it. But he won't get any volunteer assistance - the sidewalk crowd makes a big show of being involved in other business, too preoccupied even to notice his plight. Maybe next time the guy will pay more attention to signs, particularly the specially modified type like the one shown here. "Justice is served," was all Dave had to say about this slice of what-goes-around-comes-around. Damn, right, Dave - you said a mouthful.

Great vintage motorcycle artwork print to decorate your office, garage, basement, rec room, man cave & more! Makes a great gift! 

Size including mat: 16" x 20" 
Image area: approx. 10" x 15"