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David Mann ''Lawn Sprinkler'' 16'' x 20'' Matted Motorcycle Biker Art #8407ezrxm

"Lawn Sprinkler"

David Mann biker art centerfold poster removed from a vintage Easyriders motorcycle magazine, matted as shown, ready to insert into a 16" x 20" frame.


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'We used to ride around in the summer time," David recalled of this print's inspiration. "It'd be so hot in the Midwest that we'd just ride our bikes up in the yard, turn on the garden hose and cool off." Dave's real-life bro Squirrel and his faithful panhead served as a sort of impromptu model for what most of us have probably longed to do as adults. Short of trespassing laws preventing this sort of fun from becoming the next national summer trend, a lawn would be a modest way to start. City parks and golf courses offer great industrial strength lawn sprinklers or, the truly brave might take a streak through a car wash. Maybe we should stop here, Squirrel, and just envy your spirit. Anything beyond that could result in brooms upside the head, or citations from the often humorless boys in blue.

Great vintage motorcycle artwork print to decorate your office, garage, basement, rec room, man cave & more! Makes a great gift! 

Size including mat: 16" x 20" 
Image area: approx. 10" x 15"