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David Mann ''Toy Run'' 16'' x 20'' Matted Motorcycle Biker Art #9112ezrxmc

"Toy Run"

David Mann biker art centerfold poster removed from a vintage 
Easyriders motorcycle magazine, matted as shown, ready to 
insert into a 16" x 20" frame. 


$ 22.99     Available: 1     Back

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Historically, bikers have struggled against an unjust stereotype that - despite ample evidence to the contrary - portrays them as anti-social beasts, dangerous to the citizenry and indifferent to the welfare of others. This stereotype has been intentionally perpetuated by sensation-seeking media representatives, and therefore accepted by the gullible public. At times, it appears that no quantity of truth can dispel the myth. Or, to repeat the familiar lament, "When we do right, no one remembers  when we do wrong, no one forgets." Toy runs - men, women, and machines united for the simple and selfless purpose of bringing happiness to a child - seem to dispel the negative stereotype, if only briefly. For a few hours, bikers, media, and public come together without the hostility, distrust, and suspicion usually present. In this work, Dave makes a visual pun while paying tribute to the spirit of toy runs everywhere - a tradition all bikers can be proud of.

Great vintage motorcycle artwork print to decorate your office, garage, basement, rec room & more! Makes a great gift! 

Size including mat: 16" x 20" 
Image area: approx. 10" x 15"