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1912 Excelsior Auto-Cycle / Boxer Jack Johnson Motorcycle Ad (1964 Reprint)
Stop! or there'll be no need of a white man's hope! Officer Weber, on an Excelsior twin caught Jack Johnson in his big Lozier racer and arrested him for speeding. Officer Weber's machine has traveled more than 35,000 miles in the past 17 months witha repair cost of only $20...

1964 Reprint of 1912 Vintage Ad
Size: Approx. 8" x 10 1/2" (20 cm x 27 cm).
Condition: Good
$ 12.99          Unavailable      Full Description

1913 Harley-Davidson Factory Photos 2-Page Article
1962 reprint:

January 1913 - Photos: Top - Harley-Davidson plant in 1912. Compare it with the 1907 factory shown below...of the seventeen persons whos faces appear on the photograph taken five years ago, nine have been continuously employed since that time. Shown: Emil Becker, Edwin "Sherbie" Becker, Albert Becker, Walter Davidson, Bill "Scotty" Davidson, Frank Ollerman, William Davidson, William H. Fisher, Henry Melk, Arthur Davidson...
$ 13.99          Unavailable      Full Description

1918 Don Johns, Winner of 100-Mile motorcycle race at Grand Island 1-Pg Article
Grand Island, Neb., July 4 1918 - Don Johns of Los Angeles, came home the winner in the 100-mile motorcycle race...Johns piloted his Indian into first place, covering the 55 laps of the 1.8 mile track in one hour, twenty-two minutes and ten seconds. Frank Wood of Omaha astride a Harley-Davidson was place second; Hugh Murray of Denver rode an Indian into third place, while Floyd Clymer of Greely Colo., finished fourth on his Excelsior...
$ 13.99          Unavailable      Full Description

1918 Excelsior Keep the Glow in Old Glory (1965 Reprint) Ad
Buy Liberty Bonds and back the Boys who are fighting for you.

Published in 1965 Cycle Magazine historical section.
$ 13.99          Unavailable      Full Description

1920 September Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Magazine Back-Issue
Contents: The Marion Race as a "Get-Together Meet"; Inside cover Photo: Ray Weishaar, World Champion; Again, The Harley-Davidson Wins Marion 200-Mile World Championship; The Story of the Marion Race; Marion Visitors Give Old Soldiers Motorcycle Outing; The Morning of the Race - Harley-Davidsons Parade to the Race Track; Doings of the Motorcycle Clubs; Miles City, Montana Harley-Davidson Victories continue to pile up; Scoop Program at Marion Hill Climb; ...continuted below...
$ 175.00          Unavailable      Full Description

1925 May Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue
Contents: Harley Wins San-Diego Hill Climb; Motorcycling in Cloudland - Touring The Rocky Mountains; World Tourists Visit Factory; Gypsy Tour; Our Trip Out West and Back; Guardians of the Highways - motorcycle police photos; Motorcycling The Sport Of A Million Thrills; Frank's Mail Bag; Opportunities To Own A Harley Dealership; more
$ 75.00          Unavailable      Full Description

1927 & 1928 New Jersey Motorcycle Driver's Licenses & Harley Registration
Motor Cycle Driver's License for 1927, Initial Conditional and 1928, Conditional, for an 18-year old Camden, NJ boy, also the registration for a 1928 Harley Davidson, Port Wine color, in the name of his father, it appears. All in fair condition, theregistration is missing a small piece lower left, as you can see.
$ 24.00          Unavailable      Full Description

1931 October Popular Science Magazine Back-Issue
Cover: Uncle Sam's New Motorcycle Cavalry; Contents: First Mile a Minute Army takes field for Uncle Sam - the picture story of the new "mechanized cavalry"; New found cannibal germs mighty aid in war on disease; my 10,000 flights in untried planes; how man-apes became men; weird unseen rays trap master crooks; Wonder photos reveal unsuspected facts about shaving; more
$ 19.00          Unavailable      Full Description

1932 December Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue
Contents: Touring Central Europe with a Harley-Davidson; A Jolly Christmas; Sport in the Snow - Fast Ice Sled powered by Harley-Davidson; 4-Page Advertising Insert, "Favorite Gifts for the Motorcycle Rider"; President-Elect Roosevelt greets Motorcyclists; This Sidecar does double duty; Eighteen Years a Motorcycle Officer - Lt. William Wiedmann; Our Lady Riders; Some of our Successful Dealers; more
$ 50.00          Unavailable      Full Description

1933 Indian Four - an authentic part of Americana 3-Page Article
The manufacture of motorcycles in Massachusetts is mostly a memory now, but there are stil man riders who recall the days when big bright Indians rolled off the production line at the factory in Springfield, Mass. Of all the Indian models, perhaps the most desired was the 77 cubic inch Indian Four, renowned for its smoothness and lw speed torque. Helping to keep the spirit alive down east is a 1933 Four restored by Charlie Harper of Holliston, Mass...continued below...
$ 13.99          Unavailable      Full Description

 Results 1-10 of 3777

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