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Archive > 1949 Indian 149 Arrow & 249 Scout Repair & Overhaul Manual

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1949 Indian 149 Arrow & 249 Scout Repair & Overhaul Manual

*No date is printed on the manual but I believe it is 1949 since that is the year the 149 and 249 were introduced.

Original, vintage Repair and Overhaul Manual for the Indian 149 Arrow and 249 Scout Motorcycles by The Indian Motorcycle Company, Springfield, Mass. 

Sections include, engine, carburetor, generator, the magneto, Ignition and lighting switch, clutch and primary drive, transmission, frame and fork, wheels and brakes, fitting standards and adjustments

$ 89.99     Unavailable     Back

Original, vintage Indian Repair and Overhaul Manual
Condition: Good - light stains, grease spots, spine tears - completely intact, complete, and overall good condition
Softcover, 52 pages