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1934 The Motor Cycling Club LTD London Exeter Trial Motorcycle Racing Results
A 16 page softbound booklet published by " The Motor Cycling Club Ltd. " with all of the Trials Drivers participants ( Motorcycle - Side-Cars - Three-Wheeled Cyclecars - Automobile Cars ) that raced in the London - Exeter Trial December 28th and 29th, 1934 and their race results 

This softbound booklet is used, complete and in Very Good condition with light use.
$ 17.99          Available: 1      Full Description     

1944 Floyd Clymer's Historical Motor Scrapbook Time Magazine Copy
This is Copy No. 276017, Time Magazine reprint of the 1st edition 1944 Floyd Clymer's Historical Motor Scrapbook, Published by Clymer Motors, 160 page softcover, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Good condition, this book has 250 early cars and motorcycles illustrated.

$ 12.99          Available: 1      Full Description

1947 Book of the BSA by W.C. Haycraft, published by Floyd Clymer
Forward: By special arrangement with the original publishers of this book, Sir Isaac Pitman & Son, Ltd., of London, England, we have secured the exclusive publishing rights for this book, as well as all others in The Motorcyclist’s Library… Floyd Clymer, 1947

Contents: All About Carburation; B.S.A. Lubrication; Care of Lighting System; Overhauling; Index
$ 29.99          Available: 1      Full Description     

1957 U.S. National Museum Bulletin 213 - Automobiles and Motorcycles
AUTOMOBILES AND MOTORCYCLES in the U.S. National Museum, by Smith Hempstone Oliver, Smithsonian Bulletin 213, 1957.
$ 14.99          Available: 1      Full Description

1958 Moto Parilla Parillino 49cc Spare Part Catalogue & Price List
Original, vintage 1958 spare parts catalog and price list for Parillino 49cc, 4 stroke, 3 speed, models. 

Written in mostly Italian, and some English.
$ 49.99          Available: 1      Full Description     

1960 circa (est.) Vintage Avon Motorcyclist's Tyre Manual
Not exactly sure what year this was published but I'm guessing the early 1960's as it came along with some other stuff from that era. The front cover actually looks to be from the '50s but not sure. It's The Motorcyclist's Tyre Manual - things you should know about Avon Motorcycle Tyres. 21 Pages, with black & white photos and diagrams. Published in England. Size: approx 5" x 8"
$ 14.99          Available: 1      Full Description     

1960s BSA Spares - Catalogue of Genuine BSA Motorcycle Parts
For: A65 Lightning, A65 Hornet, A65 Spitfire Mk. II Special, A65 Thunderbolt, A50 Royal Star, A50 Wasp

From engine numbers & frame numbers: A65LA-101, A65HA-101, A65SA-101, A65TA-101, A50RA-101, A50WA-101

Catalogue Number 00-5129

Issued by B.S.A. Motor Cycles LTD.
$ 29.99          Available: 1      Full Description     

1962 Motorcycle thru Europe with Scandinavian Airlines System 4-Page Brochure/Ad
Fly the Atlantic via Scandinavian Airlines System and enjoy a 17-Day Motorcycle Trip thru Europe for only $769.00. The cost covers your SAS round-trip 17-day economy excursion jet flight to Europe and the outright purchase of a new 1962 250cc motorcycle equipped with an electric starter! (Pictured Zundapp)
$ 13.99          Available: 1      Full Description     

1963 Motorcycles U.S.A. LP Record Album by the Hornets
The most exciting sounds around are those of cycles and songs about cycles. The Hornets bring all of this excitement to you in this powerful album. Side One: On the Track, In the Pits, Bike Talk, The Big Race, The Big Iron, Over the Top; Side Two: Cross-Country Run, Off the Line, Hare and Hound, The Fastest Throttle, Shotdown, Broadside

Record Grade: NEAR MINT- with a few very light and small scratches. Cover is very good and does not have any seam splits.
$ 35.00          Available: 1      Full Description

1964 Motorcycle Scramble Sound Effects Vintage LP Record Album
Nice vintage record album. Some of the tracks include: Start of the first 5 lap heat; Sounds of shifting on hill; Drivers talking on starting line; Down 35 degree hill; Back to pit area after race; Class Five Expert; Drivers Talk; Climbing 45 degreehill & more

The scramble recorded here took place at the Davos Ranch in Woodbridge, New York and was promoted by the Davos Motorcycle Club. Condition: Good
$ 35.00          Available: 2      Full Description

 Results 1-10 of 144

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