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Motorcycle Books, Programs, Brochures, Etc. > 1947 Book of the BSA by W.C. Haycraft, published by Floyd Clymer

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1947 Book of the BSA by W.C. Haycraft, published by Floyd Clymer

Forward: By special arrangement with the original publishers of this book, Sir Isaac Pitman & Son, Ltd., of London, England, we have secured the exclusive publishing rights for this book, as well as all others in The Motorcyclist’s Library… Floyd Clymer, 1947

Contents: All About Carburation; B.S.A. Lubrication; Care of Lighting System; Overhauling; Index

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Preface to Ninth Edition:

For 1939 twenty B.S.A. models are available, and prices (including Lucas electric lighting and automatic voltage control) range from 38 (pounds) to 82 (pounds). Engine capacities vary from 250 c.c. to 1000 c.c.

The author has in the present edition made the best use of the space at his disposal by confining himself almost completely to practical matters. The text has been arranged so as to enable the reader to put his finger on what he wants without needless searching. More important still, the instructions given apply to machines of definite vintage. Full information in regard to the maintenance and overhauling of 1936 to 1939 B.S.A. Models inclusive will be found. Where dates are not mentioned, the information may be regarded as applicable to 1936 onwards. Much of the test applies to pre-1936 models, but for such machines the instructions are not guaranteed fully comprehensive.

Four chapters are included and those who digest them and put into practice the suggestions contained therein will be rewearded by B.S.A. motor-cycling at its best and cheapest. Moreover, when the day for disposing of their mounts arrives, they will assuredly obtain the maximum price or part-exchange allowance.

In conclusion the author would express his thanks to Messrs. B.S.A. Cycles, Ltd. of Birmingham 11, for their generous assistance in regard to supplying illustrations and data. - W.C. Haycraft

Published 1947 by Floyd Clymer
Softcover, 100 pages
Size: Approx. 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" (14 cm x 21 cm).
Condition: Good