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1975 December Truckin' Magazine Back-Issue
Trucks: Brass I; It's a Thames; Flying Eagle; Candies Galore; From the South; Van on the Run; Roundabout; F-100 Stakebed; Features: North-South Run; The Rip-Off; Van Slam '75; The Trip That Never Was; Diffraction Tape; Technical: Grand Prix Van; Power Steering / Tilt Wheel Conversion; Installing a cam in a van; Silk Screening made easy; Rebuilding F-100 Front End; Mini-Truck Dual Wheels; more
$ 19.99          Available: 1      Full Description     

1975 October RV Van World Magazine Back-Issue
Cover: Jerry Wesseling's Pride - "Old Glory"; Features: "Tradesman"; "Continuously Truckin'"; "Land-Lord"; "Overland Express"; "Old Glory"; Evaluation: Volkswagen Campmobile; Happenings: Boogie III; Van Fair North '75; Articles: Whasinside? - an interior pictorial; Mystery Van - solved! - Doorless Chevy vans; Van Hunt - buying an early van; How to form a van club; Club Poker Rallies; Flite-Tronics Dash; Custom Paint part 3; more
$ 24.99          Available: 1      Full Description     

1976 April Custom Vans Magazine Back-Issue
Cover: Swinger in Bronze; Features: The new electronic ignitions; Weekend Prospecting for Profit; Eight is the Easy Way - an engine swap for early Econolines; Swinger in Bronze; APO Vapor Injection - a bolt-on mileage booster; Van-ities; Lor' Luv a Six - E150 Road Test; Fat Footprints for the Van; Cool man real cool - van furniture for do-it-yourselfers; A Double-duty Van; more
$ 24.99          Available: 1      Full Description