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Fingerstyle Guitar TAB > Allegro - Mauro Giuliani -Free Guitar TAB / Video Lesson / Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Allegro - Mauro Giuliani -Free Guitar TAB / Video Lesson / Step-by-Step Tutorial

Allegro in A Minor by Mauro Giuliani is an excellent classical guitar study for the development of both hands. In this step-by-step classical guitar lesson you will learn both the left hand fingerings and the right hand picking patterns, measure-by-measure. 

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This free tab is provided for you to print out, so you can follow along with the video at your own pace. Print out this sheet music / tab and follow along with the video. You will see the measure numbers on-screen on the video. You will see the measure number printed above the first measure of each line, but I recommend writing in all the measure numbers on every measure on the score.

Work on the measures you need the most work on first. Some measures are more difficult than others. Carefully observe all fingerings as given in the video. You may want to print out the tab and while watching the video, make notes on the score of P, I, M, and A for each note and 1, 2, 3, 4 for the left hand, so that you can practice the proper fingerings each time.

Use a metronome and practice slowly each note by note to get it right before trying to play faster. Eventually you will naturally build up your speed.

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