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1937-1947 British Motor-Cycle Racing Club Rules / Membership Card

Here are four documents once owned by C.S. Watkinson, Secretary of the British Motor-Cycle Racing Club, Brooklands Motor Course, Weybridge, Surry. The first document is the "Membership Card and Rule Book", and inside the front cover is handwritten "C.S. Watkinson" as the Member Name, and next to Member's Number is handwritten "7 Founder". This booklet measures 3" x 4 1/2" (7 1/2cm x 11 1/2 cm)

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The 2nd document from 1937 looks to be an information and application for membership brochure about The British Motor-Cycle Racing Club. It is a tri-fold brochure measuring 4" x 5 1/2" (10cm x 14cm)folded. On the front is printed:

President: Sir Algernon guinness, Bart. 
Vice-President and Chairman of Committee: A.V. Ebblewhite 
Secretary: C.S. Watkinson, Brooklands Motor Course, Webridge, Surrey

1st page excerpt: During the past 28 years, the British Motor-Cycle Racing Club has been able to offer to its Members many unique facilities. From time to time these facilities have been improved and increased and as a result the Club now holds one of the leading positions in the motor-cycle racing world... the 3rd page is an application form for membership.... the last page reads:

The B.M.C.R.C.

The British Motor-Cycle Racing Club, or "the Bemsee" as it is more familiarly known by all followers of the sport, was formed in 1909 to foster and encourage the sport of Motor-Cycle Racing. Since formation, the Club has consistently organised Motor-Cycle Race Meetings at Brooklands, Weybridge.

Brooklands is the only speed course of its kind in Great Britain, and consequently it has been the centre, and it remains the centre for  fast racing of Cars and Motor-Cycles. It is without doubt that the motor-cycle as now produced, has reached its present high standard of efficiency largely from testing which has taken place at Brooklands where individual facilities and tests arising from competition have been, and remain, available.

Normally the British Motor-Cycle Racing Club organise eight Race Meetings during the year. These are supported by manufacturers whose products are tried out and by Motor-cyclists whose hobby is racing, and who enjoy the thrill of fast riding and the thrill of keen, skillful, competition....

the back page reads: 

B.M.C.R.C. Fixtures for 1937
Brooklands - Weybridge

Saturday 17th April - "The Motor Cycle" Clubman's Day
Saturday 29th May - Mountain Championship Day

The 3rd document is a 7-page booklet measuring 4" x 6 1/4" (10cm x 16cm) titled, The British Motor-Cycle Racing Club Rules, Revised 1937

The 4th document is a 14-page booklet measuring 4" x 6 1/4" (10cm x 16cm) titled, The British Motor-Cycle Racing Club Racing Rules, Revised 1937