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1969 October Cycle Guide Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue


Cover: Revamped Suzuki; Road Tests: Greeves 250 / 380, Bultaco Sherpa-T, Kawasaki 100; Competition: Berkshire Trials; Loudon; Technical: Super Suzuki - revamped 120; Concentric cleanup - how to fix that Amal; Bultaco Rebuild part 2; Balancing Act - the why and how your engine should be balanced; Features: Yamaha 125 Road Racer; Triumph Tricycle; Torsten Hallman profile; Big Boss Trike - six pack three wheeler; more

$ 19.99     Available: 4     Back


Cover: "A couple of months back we did a road test on the 120 Suzuki, and we were so taken with it we acquired one of our own. In the natural course of events we felt it would be interesting to change it around somewhat to make it more desirable for   off-road use. The result is what you see here. If you have one of these neat machines, and you yearn for something different, turn to page 23 and see what a weekend of fun and $200 did for our Suzy...

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Good