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1953 February Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

Cover: National Hare & Hound across the Mojave desert to Lucerne, Calif.; Contents: Thirty seconds to live; Action in Ardsley Woods; Cycle Fantasia; I fell for Hollywood; Rams go Wild; Freshman on a Flash; All in the brakes; Echo from Tokio; Built like a bridge; Twenty years with NSU; fiction or fact?; Redwood Reliability Run; Saint Vincent and the Mountain; more

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Cover: With the expression of "Brother, how tough can they make it?" on their faces, eager "hounds" scamper on across the Mojave desert to the finish at Lucerne, Calif. This year's National Hare and Hound, promoted by the Rams M/C (Motorcycle Club) of Los Angeles, spelled out rugged with a capital "R", unrolling one hundred and forty miles of choppy, sandy terrain without letup. Out of 400 starters, 103 tired but determined hot-shoes checked in at the finish. With a quote from one of the winners: "I'd like to lay one out just like it and chase every member of the Rams Club over it," we leave it to your imagination.

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.