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1952 March Cycle Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

Cover: Army / Military Motorcycles; Contents: On the Firing Line; AJS Cutaway; Rider Writings; Speaking Cycle; Crossed-Up; Daytona Beach Plum; Strictly for the birds; The Bear Chase; Gulley King; Straight from the wigwam; new class D competition rules set by AMA; Eight below riding; Italian Juggernauts; Cycle Photo Contest; more

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Cover: GI's fly high over torn-up tank proving-ground. Loaded down with heavy ammunition, gun, knapsack and full equipment, these motorized scouts, messengers and military police of the United States Army are taught every trick in the book. They dramatically illustrate the story, "On the Firing Line," page 9 in this issue.

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Good