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1952 Mustang Breaks Century Mark 1-Page Article

Achievement rewards five year efforts of U.S. manufacturer; Top Photo: Correcting a little side-draft with his legs, Walt Fulton champions the Mustang cause at a 100 mph clip. 22 1/2 cubic inch, four-stroke single packs 6.4 to 1 compression ratio, uses a 1 1/8-inch Amal carburetor and an experimental head machined out of a solid block of dural for the speed run; Bottom photo: Tuned by Howard Forrest, Mustang's chief engineer, the "Century job" is kept in shape by Bert Brundage and Joe Richards..

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Original, vintage magazine article. 
Size: Approx. 8" x 11" (20 cm x 28 cm) each page. 
Condition: Good

...Experimental cam, ball bearing mains and ball wheel bearings contribute to speed. Standard oiling system handles extra revs. 4.00 x 12-inch, 4-ply Goodyear tires are mounted on wheels made up from Kelsey-Hayes rims. No brakes of any description are used, and rear sprocket is mounted on an aluminum spool. Magneto is standard Mustang with lighting coils removed. Stewart-Warner tach is suspended from large circular ring on shock-absorbing coil springs.