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1947 Book of the Triumph Motorcycle published by Floyd Clymer

Forward: By special arrangement with the original publishers of this book, Sir Isaac Pitman & Son, Ltd., of London, England, we have secured the exclusive publishing rights for this book, as well as all others in The Motorcyclist's Library... Floyd Clymer, 1947

Contents: Starting-Up and Riding Hints; The Theory of the Internal Combustion Engine; Lighting and Electrical Fittings; Care of the Machine; Overhauling; War-Time Regulations; Index

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A complete guide for owners and prospective purchasers of Triumph Motor-Cycles and Sidecars.

Many important developments have taken place in motorcycle design and construction since the fourth edition of "The Book of the Triumph" was published. Triumph motor-cycles have always been in the van and during the past two years numerous alterations have been made. All alterations have been to the advantage of the rider, and it can be confidently stated that there are no machines more reliable, efficient, comfortable, safe, and economical than the 1939 models. The reliability of the Triumph motor-cycle has always been a household word among the host of enthusiastic riders so it is not surprising that a very large number of earlier models are still giving faithful service. Details regarding design, construction, maintenance, and adjustment given in the following pages refer, in the main, to 1935-1939 models inclusive, but owners of previous models will find that much of the advice given applies equally to their mounts. It is hoped that the present edition will meet with as favourable a reception as did the original work and the second, third, and fourth edition, and that it will enable riders to obtain not only the best results from their machines, but increase their pleasure on the road owing to trouble-free running.

Published 1947 by Floyd Clymer
Softcover, 94 pages
Size: Approx. 5 1/2" x 8 1/4" (14 cm x 21 cm).
Condition: Good