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1998 May Old Bike Journal Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

Features: Decline of the Indian - was this the bike that did in Indian once and for all?; Tech: Gas part 2 - the essentials of pump gas, octane and boosters; So you want to buy a British Twin? - straight talk from a hard-core Brit-bike freak; more
Cover original and unrestored example of a 1950 Scout, housed in the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum. The Model 249, a machine of 440 cc displacement, belonged to...

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...Juanita (Nita) Camp, whose husband Frank was a motorcycle police officer and AMA racer. Frank, an Indian rider on his off-duty time, bought the Scout new for Nita, a long-time Motormaid, in 1950... 

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Good