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1998 October Old Bike Journal Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

Features: 450 Ducati Desmo Special - if you can't find the duck you want, build one; Swap Meets -they are fun and can be a great place to buy; BSA Oil Tech - Stop your BSA from wet-sumping; Stick 'em up - cool refrigerators; more

Cover Story: 450 Ducati Desmo Special - if you can't find the duck you want, build one. The author's 450 Desmo "Special" pictured here is a veritable collage of Ducati heritage...

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...The heart of this graceful beast is the ultimate extension of Fabio Taglioni's original concept: the wide-case, 450cc single with Desmodromic head. This particular engine is from the "R/T" dirt bike...the magneto's separate lighting and ignition coils eliminate the need for a battery...a PHF3 Dell-Orto pumper taken from a twin is installed...otherwise the engine is stock...the chassis is from a Mototrans "Vento" model... the forks are Ducati and the rear damping duties are handled by Fox gas   shocks...the headlight and mounts are Norton...the taillight assembly is from a 750 Sport...the seat is from a 900SS and the tank is a steel unit from the 250cc Diana...the front brake is an interesting piece being a Ceriani four-leading shoe assembly with magnesium side plates, as used on Aermacchi's 250cc production road racers of the 1960s...the stainless steel fenders are aftermarket pieces adapted by the author...Veglia tach, Tomaselli clip-ons, CRA rear-sets, Dunstall Decibel silencer and Michelin Hi-Sport radials complete the cafe flavor.

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Good