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1969 Kawasaki F21M 238cc Green Streak Scrambler Road Test 6-Page Article

Back to the hilt by a company that really wants to win, the Green Streak offers all things to all scramblers: power, handling, and even more power - if you want it. What it is is a full-house scrambler, pure and simple. It doesn't have lights and it doesn't have a horn and it doesn't have side refletors and it doesn't have a muffler. Number plates come with the bike, already bolted on. It's a racer uncompromised...

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And it is, after a very short period of development time, one of the very best racers around. They call it the Green Streak in all the advertisements and press releases, because of its peculiar lime-green gas tank. The name fits. It's also a streak - but curiously well-mannered...

Original, Vintage Road Test Article 
Size: Approx. 8" x 10 3/4" (20 cm x 27 cm) each page.
Condition: Good