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1967 March Vol. 1, No. 1 Cycle Guide Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

This is the very first issue of Cycle Guide magazine, March 1967. By the editors of Sport Cycle magazine. Volume #1, Issue #1

Road Tests: Yamaha 100 Trailmaster, Bridgestone 175 Scrambler, Benelli 250 Barracuda; Features: Cycle List - first complete coverage of the 1967 sport cycles; Two-Stroke vs. Four-Stroke - which is best for you?; more

$ 44.99     Available: 1     Back


Cover Photo: Two Yamaha riders pause in a leafy glade. Shot by Matsuoko Hashimoto, winner of Japan's Technical Photography Creativity Award. Camera: Hassleblad Film: Professional Ektachrome.

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Fair    - Center Page is loose and back cover is worn