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1979 July Custom Bike Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

Feature Bikes: The Surgeon's Scalpel, Hayward Hustler, The BSA that damn near wasn't, Motor City Special, The Streetwalker, Nut-Cracker Sweet, Cafe Glide, Pony Express; Technical: A New Leaf; Brake Disc Customizing; Combustion Dynamics refresher; Solid-State surprises; New swing arm frames from Strociek; Special Interest: Bonneville Notebook - salt racing secrets as speed week draws near; Profile: Mike Keyte; more

$ 19.99     Available: 1     Back


Cover: The Surgeon's Scalpel - Artistry and craftsmanship combine to yield a custom like no other, in Richard Poilucci's Swingster.

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Good