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1948 Indian Model 249 Scout 2-Page Ad

Revolutionary New Arrow and Scout. Light in weight, low in price, years ahead in design. Here are the motorcycles all America has been waiting for! Completely new engineering design, plus the use of new materials and production methods makes them unbelievably light in weight - amazingly brilliant in performance, and the safest motorcycles ever built! Come in and see the new Arrow and Scout today...continued below...

$ 19.99     Unavailable     Back

... Photo (upper right) - Ted Edwards, famous motorcycle competition rider says: "The Greatest thing that ever happened to advance the sport of motorcycling is the introduction of the new Indian lightweight motorcycles." Motorcycle Shown: Indian Model 249 Scout

Original, Vintage 2-Page Magazine Ad. 
Size: Approx. 8" x 11" (20 cm x 28 cm) each page.
Condition: Good