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1937 February Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Magazine Back-Issue

Contents: The Famous McLaglen Motorcycle Corps; Over Southwestern Trails; Enthusiastic Motorcycling Fans; Harley-Davidsons Lead the Way to Better Traffic Control; News from the Club World; more

Reverse Cover Advertisement: Sell Harley-Davidsons - a business with a future. (Photo: This business-like Harley-Davidson establishment is located at Long Beach, California.) ...cont. below...

$ 50.00     Unavailable     Back

...The motorcycle dealer holding the Harley-Davidson franchise is entering a big 1937 season. He has a high quality product to offer the public - the finest and most complete line of pleasure, police, and commercial motorcycles ever built. He can face the future with confidence because he has a business with a future. The sparkling new 1937 Harley-Davidsons with their many new improvements, plus the general increase in motorcycle interest, spell success for the wide-awake, ambitious Harley-Davidson Dealer... 

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
24-Pages, Size: 6x9 in.
Condition: Good