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1939 March Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Magazine Back-Issue

Contents: Again! 200-Mile National Championship Road Race goes to Harley-Davidson; Let's Visit the Harley-Davidson Factory part 3 of 3; Clubhouse Chatter; more

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Cover Photo: Hail to the 1939 National Road Race Champion Ben Campanale of Providence, Rhode Island. As soon as he brought his roaring Harley-Davidson to a stop, after winning the title for the second straight year, admiring spectators hoisted him to their shoulders and began to parade down the sands of Daytona Beach. Seven more of the first ten riders to finish the grueling 200-Mile Championship Race likewise were mounted on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Pooser Photograph.

Reverse Cover Advertisement: Ride to the Fairs on a 1939 Harley-Davidson. Swing into the saddle of a 1939 Harley-Davidson and off for the Fair - New York or San Francisco, or both! Never a care or worry as you speed along on your trusty new mount. Wonderful scenery all the way. Stop and take in spots of historical interest. Zoom over mountain ranges - speed over the prairies. Gaze upon placid lakes and mighty oceans. Visit the great cities. And all the time your reliable 1939 Harley-Davidson will purr off the miles with never a falter or protest. What a grand vacation you will have with fun packed thrill and pleasure in every mile. Make your Fair plans now. See your dealer and let him tell you all about these marvelous 1939 Harley-Davidsons. Then for the trip of a lifetime as you head for one or both of the great World's Fairs!

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
24-Pages, Size: 6" x 9"
Condition: Good