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1939 June Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Magazine Back-Issue

Contents: Motorcycling Through Western Canada; "Well Satisfied" Writes Servi-Car Owner; Down the Home Stretch with Harley-Davidson; Doings of the Clubs; Five State Rally at Albert Lea, Minnesota; Big Wisconsin Rally at Shawano June 17 and 18; more

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Cover Photo: The carefree young couple on their shining new Harley-Davidson WLD are Mr. and Mrs. John Bohanan of Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Bohanan is motorcycle sports editor of the Columbus Sunday Star. He is well known in Ohio motorcycling circles where    his popular column on the world's greatest outdoor sport is widely read and quoted. Judging from their intent expressions they are no doubt looking forward to a busy summer covering the many motorcycle activities of The Buckeye State.

Reverse Cover Advertisement: The 61 OHV Harley-Davidson. The wide world over, the 61 OHV is acclaimed the finest motorcycle ever built. Its thousands of enthusiastic owners thrill to the possession of the masterpiece of all motorcycles. Every rider longs for the day when he, too, can pilot a 61 OHV and enjoy its super performance. And by what features has the 61 OHV won such great acclaim? Not by one or two superiorities of design, but by scores. By everything outstanding and desirable in motorcycle performance. In superior riding and handling qualities, in low upkeep cost, in beauty of line and style the 61 OHV has everything. Out on the road - in all kinds of servic - in competition - the 61 OHV has made a record that reflects its greatness. You, too, will some day want to own a 61 OHV if not already so fortunate. Why not drop around to your Harley-Davidson dealer and get the full story of the 61 OHV and let him take you for a spin? Then you'll know why it is every rider's ambition to own a 61 OHV.

Endurance - Ted Konecny, Saginaw, Mich., last September piloted his 61 OHV to win the 1938 National Jack Pine Endurance Run - the 14th straight year this tough 500-mile grind has gone Harley-Davidson.

Speed - 136.183 miles per hour! That's the A.M.A. speed record hung up by Joe Petrali, March, 1937, on a non-supercharged 61 OHV both ways over a mile cours, electrically timed, at Daytona Beach.

Stamina - 1825.2 miles in 24 hours! A motorcycle record never equalled before or since. On this historic ride 43 intermediate records for time and distance were also established by Fred Ham at Muroc Dry Lakes, April 8, 1937.

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
24-Pages, Size: 6" x 9"
Condition: Good