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1940 March Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Magazine Back-Issue

Contents: National Championship Road Race for 1940 Goes Harley-Davidson / Babe Tancrede Winner; South of the Rio Grande; Servi-Cars solving the parking problem; Clubhouses Hum with Activity; more

$ 35.00     Unavailable     Back

Cover Photo: A thrilling bit of action in the recent 200-Mile National Championship Road Race at Daytona Beach. The contestants were sent away from the starting line at the south end of the course, in rows of ten, five seconds apart. Several of the boys, who started in the sixth row, are shown on their first lap, still tightly bunched as they roar into the north turn off the beach. Left to Right are: Al Chasteen (16), Babe Tancrede (21), Wm. Mathews (75), Bruce Walters (6), Al Aunapu (33), Frenchy Castonguay (52), W. Aikens (68), and Chet Dykgraaf (56).

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Fair - Wear and tear along spine - cover still attached but very fragile