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1940 June Harley-Davidson Enthusiast Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

Contents: Our Black Hills Tour; Cumberlands - Here We Come!; Harley-Davidson Riders Open Season with Victories; What the Clubs are Doing; Proud of their '40 Models; more

$ 50.00     Unavailable     Back

Cover Photo: Famed in the romantic history of the Mississipi River and the old South, Natchez, Mississippi, possesses much of the charm of the old days, and is still a favorite scenic spot for tourists. The cover photo shows members of the Magnolia Motorcycle Club of Jackson, Mississippi, swinging along beneath trees heavily festooned with Spanish moss so typical of all the coastal region of the South. The run was held during the Annual Pilgrimage to Natchez.

Reverse Cover Advertisement: Harley-Davidson Uniforms! For clubs that want to be well-dressed. It's the uniformed clubs that get the admiring glances and the favorable comment as they swing down street and highway. Uniformed clubs are colorful, they're flashing - they typify the spirit of youth and of motorcycling. Both as a unit and individually, they present a favorable appearance wherever they go. Uniforms help weld members into a loyal, enthusiastic club organization. 

Why not get your club uniformed? You'll get lots of fine publicity for yourselves and for motorcycling. Folks in your community will talk about you. Your club will become a civic institution, and will be respected for its distinctive bearing and appearance. When you go riding by in your colorful uniforms, you'll draw favorable attention while out on the highway, your flashy uniforms make for better visibility - an important safety factor.

Why not fall in line at once, along with hundreds of other clubs? Equip your members with attractive, reasonably-priced Harley-Davidson uniforms, designed especially for motorcyclists. The dressy caps, stylish shirts, and breeches, high quality boots, colored cuff gauntlets - each item has been made for your comfort and convenience. Our accessory Department has a wide assortment of colors, styles, and materials. See the color samples at your Harley-Davidson dealer. When writing to us, please give your club colors and other specifications, and save time. Samples will be gladly sent to club secretaries on request.

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Good