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1977 September Touring Bike Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

Contents: Trips & Tours: Crossing into Oregon; Texas Tour - Lone Star Style; The Return of Wilson - His trip to the Smokies; Features: Papa San - keeps young on his Kawasaki; Bakersfield Jamboree; Canadian Gold Wing; Hackin' Honda; You Can Always Tell Them Where To Get Off; Technical: To Catch a Thief part 2; The Eagle Trailer - owner's report; Mufflers for your Gold Wing; Battery do's and don'ts; Alternator Output; Beginning Rider; Magnetic Mag; more

$ 19.99     Available: 1     Back


Cover: The Napa Valley Travellers Motorcycle club served a color guard for the traditional Memorial Day parade, which was a part of the activities featured at this year's Bakersfield Jamboree.

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Good