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1961 August Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back-Issue

Contents: Red Nabors / Triumph seets winning pace in 4-hour scrambles in Fayetteville; Down San Diego Way; 1952 Triumph Terrier in Acrobat high-wire balancing act with Arthur Kayart; Mann Wins at Heidelberg; Laconia / Joe Leonard / Jody Nicholas; Isle of Man / Mike Hailwood; Little Burr Enduro / John Penton; Charity Newsies / Resweber; Greenhorn Flashback Pictorial; Earthquake Mountain / J.V. "Yehudi" Sepulveda; more

$ 24.99     Available: 1     Back


Cover: Joe Leonard shown on his way to his 3rd victory in the 100 mile championship at Laconia. Bill Newrock took this photo of the popular Harley-Davidson star.

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Good