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1957 October Motorcyclist Motorcycle Magazine Back Issue

Contents: Leonard wins Springfield; Pinup: NSU Prima Scooter wiht lovely miss and postman; Belgian Grand Prix - Jack Brett; Colonial Tour - Williamsburg and Jamestown; 2-Page Harley-Davidson Ad with Joe Leonard, Bud Mayes; Two Yanks visit the Isle of Man; Altoona - Don Gore; Ariel 500cc Red Hunter Road Test; more

$ 24.99     Available: 1     Back


Cover Photos: Clockwise from top right: Norton riders Cyril Julian and Raoul Genebos in a "scrap" in recent German Grand Prix, held on Solitude course near Stuttgart. BSA Star Tommy McDermott in action at a recent scrambles event, which he won. A sweet young miss polishing her NSU Superfox. Benzoni Guido on a 100cc Laverda in recent Italian event.

Complete, vintage motorcycle magazine.
Condition: Good - some ink writing / underlining