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1957 Most Popular and Typical Girl Rider Entries 5-Page Article

All AMA clubs are to use the following pictures in selecting the candidates for whom they wish to vote. Typically American and popular too, these feminine cyclists represent all walks of life and all parts of the country.

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Bessie Allen, Beulah Andrews, Ruth Babock, Donna Bailey, Ginger Baugh, Marlene Baungartner, Mariam Black, Mildred Bollen, June Boyd, Jean Bromley, Juanita Camp, Betty Charlton, Naadene Clark, Joyce Denman, Florence Evans, Loraine Mobley, Montel Morris, Ellen Nichols, Vivian Nipper, Nancy O'Blenis, Johnnie Pantanelli, Betty Payton, Olala B. Peck, Gladys Perro, Leslie Pink, Gay Raymond, Evelyn Rohrer, Sylvia Sandora, Joan Schneck, Patricia Seymour, Pat Shannep, Audrey Sherk, Jeni Shunk, Rosemarie   Tomaino, Loleta Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Sallie Sue Windland, Irene Wise, Beverly Wolfe, Marlene Wolfe, Erma Yates, Marlene Yates.

Original, vintage magazine article. 
Size: Approx. 9" x 12" 
Condition: Good