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Yamaha (All Items)
1958 The Yamaha (pronounced Yah-mah-ha) from Tokyo U.S. Debut 1-Page Article
1961 Yamaha 125cc Lightning - greatest value in motorcycling transportation AD
1962 Yamaha Omaha Trail YDS2 250 Sport Motorcycle Ad
1963 Yamaha 80 YG1 Rotary Jet YDT1 250 Sport Motorcycle Ad
1963 Yamaha YG-1T 80cc Tiger Motorcycle Ad
1964 For the Record - Yamaha at Daytona Vintage Ad
1964 Yamaha 80cc YG-1 Vintage Motorcycle Ad
1964 Yamaha Riverside 55 - Only $285 -you won't believe it until you ride it! Ad
1965 Yamaha TD-1B production road racing machine 2-Page Article
1965 Yamaha Wins Everywhere! Read and Duff capture 8 out of 9 first places. Ad
1965 Yamahas Blast Daytona! Dick Mann TD-1 Phil Read Ad
1966 Yamaha 90cc Twin First Road Test 2-Page Article
1966 Yamaha Cross Country Sport 305 YM1 Road Test 3-Page Article
1966 Yamaha Newport 50 and Campus 60 Ad
1966 Yamaha Twin Jet 100, Newport 50, & Campus 60 Vintage Motorcycle Ad
1966 Yamaha YL1 90cc Twin & Yamaha 50cc Step-Through Road Test 2-Page Article
1967 Yamaha Catalina Electra 250 YDS5 Bonanza 180 YCS-1 Motorcycle 2-Page Ad
1968 Extending Lightweight Yamaha Hodaka Motorcycle Forks 2-Page Article
1968 For some people a Yamaha 350 isn't enough Ad
1968 How Yamaha 5-Port Power helped Yvon Duhamel win at Daytona Ad
1968 Yamaha 250 Single Enduro Exciter Motorcycle Ad
1968 Yamaha DT1 250 Enduro Road Test 4-Page Article
1968 Yamaha Yvon Duhamel Daytona Motorcycle Race 2-Page Ad
1969 Yamaha 100 Trailmaster L5-T Motorcycle Ad
1969 Yamaha 250 Single Enduro DT1-B Vintage Motorcycle Ad
1969 Yamaha 250 Street Scrambler DS6-C Motorcycle Ad
1969 Yamaha 350 Grand Prix R-3 Motorcycle Ad
1969 Yamaha didn't win every race in 1968. Just these: Ad
1969 Yamaha Motorcycle in Snow Sale AD
1969 Yamaha Salutes Yamaha Winners Ad
1969 Yamaha Smashes 7 Daytona Records Ad
1970 Ron Knapp Yamaha 350 Drag Bike 4-Page Article
1970 Yamaha Mini-Enduro - more than a mini-bike Ad
1971 Cheney Yamaha 250 Impression 2-Page Article
1971 Little Fauss and Big Halsy Robert Redford / Yamaha Movie Ad
1971 September Yamaha Motorcycle Road Test Annual Magazine Back-Issue
1971 Yamaha 125 AT1-C Enduro Gearbox Ad
1971 Yamaha 360 RT-1B Enduro AutoLube Motorcycle Ad
1972 Yamaha AT2 125cc Enduro - The Great Outdoor Machine Vintage Ad
1972 Yamaha CS5 200cc Street - The Great Commuter Machine Ad
1972 Yamaha DS-7 250cc Street Twin - The Great Escape Machine Ad
1972 Yamaha LS2 100cc Street - The Great Fun Machine Ad
1972 Yamaha RT2 360cc Enduro - The Great Trail Blazing Machine Vintage Ad
1973 Yamaha GT1 Enduro & Motocross - all mountains reduced by 25% 2-Page Ad
1973 Yamaha LT3 MX Road Test 3-Page Article
1973 Yamaha RD350 Road Test 4-Page Article
1973 Yamaha RZ-201 Wankel - Is this tomorrow's Superbike today? 2-Page Article
1973 Yamaha TX750 Motorcycle 2-Page Ad
1973 Yamaha TX750 Road Test 5-Page Article
1973 Yamaha TZ-350 4-Page Print Article
1974 Kenny Roberts Yamaha RD350 Motorcycle 2-Page Ad
1974 Pierre Karsmakers - ''I Ride Yamaha'' Ad
1974 Yamaha MX175-A Motocross Road Test 5-Page Article
1974 Yamaha RD350 & TX500 Twins 2-Page Ad
1974 Yamaha RD350B Road Test 5-Page Article
1974 Yamaha TX650-A Road Test 5-Page Article
1975 - The Cat from Yamaha - ''scared the hell out of me'' Ad
1975 Kent Andersson ''I'd buy a Yamaha RD125.'' 2-Page Ad
1975 Yamaha Custom Designed Motorcycle Parts / Accessories Ad
1975 Yamaha DT400B Enduro George Elliot 2-Page Ad
1975 Yamaha DT400B Road Test 6-Page Article
1975 Yamaha MX175B Road Test 6-Page Article
1975 Yamaha RD350B Road Test 7-Page Article
1975 Yamaha YZC125 Monocross Road Test 8-Page Article
1976 The Completely new Yamaha XS750 Motorcycle Ad
1976 Yamaha TT500C Four-Stroke Road Test 11-Page Article
1976 Yamaha TY175C photo & specs Sheet
1976 Yamaha XS750 Mechanical Diagram 2-Page Ad
1976 Yamaha XS750-D Motorcycle Road Test 10-Page Article
1977 Yamaha Cycle Motorcycle Magazine 2-Page Ad
1977 Yamaha Motorcycle T-Shirts Sweaters Jackets Helmets Fashion 2-Page Ad
1977 Yamaha Spring Savings Sale on 1975 street motorcycles 2-Page Ad
1977 Yamaha XS1000 Four Preview - Yamaha joins the one-liter club 2-Page Article
1977 Yamaha XS360 Special Value Edition Ad
1977 Yamaha XS500 - a study in motorcycle design 2-Page Ad
1977 Yamaha XS750-2D Road Test 7-Page Article
1977 Yamaha YZ250D Motocross Test 11-Page Article
1978 Yamaha Daytona Sweepstakes 2-Page Ad
1978 Yamaha IT400 IT250 IT175 Motorcycles 2-Page Ad
1978 Yamaha SR500: An Idea whose time has come. Again. 2-Page Ad
1978 Yamaha XS Eleven Motorcycle Parts Descriptions Photo 2-Page Ad
1978 Yamaha XS400-2E Special Value Edition 2-Page Ad
1978 Yamaha XS650 Special & XS400 2-Page Ad
1978 Yamaha XS650 Special Original 4-Page Brochure
1978 Yamaha XS750 2-Page Ad
1978 Yamaha XS750 Motorcycle 2-Page Ad
1978 Yamaha XS750 Motorcycle Ad
1979 Genuine Yamaha Accessories Vintage Ad
1979 Yamaha MX175 MX100 GTMX Toyota Long Bed Truck Sweepstakes Ad
1979 Yamha XS400F Motorcycle Road Test 6-Page Article
1980 Yamaha IT125-G Road Test 3-Page Article
1980 Yamaha IT175G Road Test 6-Page Article
1980 Yamaha XS750 Special Motorcycle Longterm Report 4-Page Article
1980 Yamaha XT250G Road Test 6-Page Article
1981 Champion Motorcycle Racers Sparkplugs Kenny Roberts 500cc Yamaha 2-Page Ad
1981 Fall/Winter Yamaha The Inside Line Newspaper - Premier Issue
1981 Yamaha Exciter 250T ''Comes with a Trunk & Runs on Peanuts'' Ad
1981 Yamaha Seca 750 Motorcycle 2-Page Ad
1981 Yamaha XV 750 XV750 Virago Motorcycle 7-Page Photo Article
1982 Yamaha Virago 750 Vintage Motorcycle Ad
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