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1950 Indian's New ''Brave'' Model 1-Page Article
1951 Indian Chief Blackhawk Engine - 1/2-Page Vintage Motorcycle Ad
1951 Indian Motorcycle Dealer Jud Carriker 1-Page Article
1955 Indian Holds First Service School 1-page Article
1955 Indian Home Team, Springfield, Mass. 1-Page Vintage Motorcycle Ad
1958 Jimmie Parker, Dallas Texas, Sells Indian Sales Co. to Harold Yaw Article
1959 Indian / Matchless ''Meet the Experts'' Ad
1959 Indian Motorcycle Company Ground-breaking 1-Page Article
1959 Indian Motorcycle Factory Ad
1960 Indian / Matchless - Something to Shout About! - Vintage Motorcycle Ad
1961 Matchless / Indian Singles for '61 Ad
1961 The Magnificent Matchless / Indian Motorcycles Ad
1965 Historical Profile of The Indian Four 2-Page Article
1966 Article: 1911 American-Made Motorcycle Wins Isle of Man 2-Pg Article
1969 Clymer / Tartarini Indian Velocette Motorcycle Road Impression 3-Pg Article
1969 Indian Boy Racer / Clymer Minarelli Motorcycle Engines 1/2-Page Ad
1969 Indian Floyd Clymer Welcomes Motorcycle Dealers Vintage Ad
1969 Indian models now arriving in U.S. Ad
1969 Indian Ponybike - A large mini-bike, Red or Blue, $295 Vintage Ad
1972 1916 Indian Motorcycle Restoration 5-Page Article
1972 Indian SE-74 Challenge Ad
1973 Indian Trail Blazer 125 100 75 Motorcycle Ad
1973 Introducing Indian - ''Newly Minted'' Ad
1974 Indian Introduces the Ultralight ME-100 Ad
1974 Spring Indian Four Motorcycle News Magazine Back-Issue
1974 The Great American Chief - Proud Indian of a Bygone Era 4-Page Article
1975 Indian ME-100 motorcycle, easy to look at, easy to own Ad
1995 January Indian Motorcycle Illustrated Magazine Back-Issue
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