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Harley-Davidson (Vintage Ads Only)
1955 Harley-Davidson Leather Motorcycle Jackets Ad
1955 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Accessories Ad
1958 Harley-Davidson Pre-Luxe Motorcycle Oil Ad
1959 Harley-Davidson's Outstanding 1959 Racing Victories Ad
1959 Leather Jackets by Harley-Davidson Ad
1960 Harley-Davidson / Carroll Resweber Championship Race 2-Page Ad
1963 Daytona Beach Races Won By Harley-Davidson 2-Page Ad
1963 Harley-Davidson / Bart Markel ''Number 1'' 2-Page Ad
1968 Harley-Davidson Rapido 125cc Ad
1970 Harley-Davidson 350cc Sprint SS Ad
1970 Harley-Davidson 900cc Sportster Ad
1973 Harley-Davidson SX-125 - ''Getting it all together'' Ad
1974 Harley-Davidson X90, Z90 & SX125 ''Light Show'' 2-Page Ad
1976 Harley-Davidson FLH-1200 2-Page Ad
1977 Harley-Davidson Clothing Leathers 1-Page Ad
1977 Harley-Davidson Sportster 2-Page Ad
1979 A Massive Announcement from Harley-Davidson 1-Page Ad
1979 Harley-Davidson XLH-1000 Sportster and 1979 Corvette Matched Set Ad
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