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Accessories & Equipment
1970 Crosby, Stills & Nash for Altec A-110 Sound System Ad
1970 Ludwig Phase II Synthesizer 4-Page Brochure
1974 Altec Sound Systems Ad
1974 Ernie Ball Bulletin - Flash from the Ball Eagle Ad
1974 Heil Sound Guitar Talk Box Ad
1974 Jerry Snyder Guitar World 8-Page Catalog
1974 John Williams Bass Man with the Tonight Show Band Peavey Amp Ad
1974 Maestro CM 2000 Microphone - The Ultimate Performer Ad
1974 Richie Havens - Turner TC20 Microphone Ad
1974 S. Hawk Family Album - Pete Haycock, Climax Blues Band Ad
1974 SG System Amplifier - the options are standard Ad
1976 Bob Gallien and Rich Krueger musical sound systems Ad
1976 D'Addario inside story on great guitar strings Ad
1976 JBL 4681 & 4682 Strongbox - save the family jewels Ad
1976 Loretta Lynn & Shure Microphones - Country Cousins Ad
1976 Lynyrd Skynyrd, rock & roll's most exciting new group Peavey Ad
1976 Mu-Tron Bi-Phase - the world's first dual phaser Ad
1976 TEAC Tascam Series Model 5 mixer for recording or reinforcement Ad
1976 The Butts Band with Robbie Krieger for Randall Instruments Ad
1978 360 Slavedriver Guitar/Synthesizer Interface & Oberheim SEM Ad
1978 Acoustic 124, 125 & 126 Amplifiers Ad
1978 Alan Holdsworth for DiMarzio PAF Electric Guitar Pickups Ad
1978 Arp Avatar - stolen from the Gods of the Keyboard... 2-Page Ad
1978 BGW Systems 225 Watt 750 Series Amplifiers Ad
1978 Bill Lawrence Guitar Pickups & Strings Ad
1978 Black Oak Arkansas band for GHS Nickel Guitar Strings Ad
1978 Bose PM-1 Powermixer Ad
1978 Carlos Santana model Mesa Boogie Hun-Rev-Altec Guitar Amplifier Ad
1978 D'Addario Brass: the most brilliant idea in guitar strings Ad
1978 Dean Markley Electric Guitar Strings Ad
1978 DeArmond Optoelectric Volume Pedal 1630 Ad
1978 Gallien-Krueger 210G, 212G & 400GT Amplifiers Ad
1978 Gary Wright, Contemporary Keyboard magazine Ad
1978 Gordon Johnson, with Maynard Ferguson uses GHS Bass strings Ad
1978 Hal Leonard Guitar Method Ad
1978 Howard Leese of Heart for Arp Avatar Guitar Synthesizer Ad
1978 Korg GT-6 Guitar Tuner - Carry a tune Ad
1978 Kustom Pro 3 W - announcing a new dimension in sound projection Ad
1978 Lee Ritenour, Best Studio Guitarist, for Morley pedals Ad
1978 Maestro Parametric Equalizer - the playable parametric Ad
1978 Marshall 4140 100 Watt 2x12 Reverb Twin Crossover Amplifier Ad
1978 Nashville Straights - Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitar Strings Ad
1978 Neptune one-third octave graphic equalizer and stereo amp Ad
1978 Peavey XR-600 Mixer-Amp, PA-100, PA-200 & Standard PA Ad
1978 Pete Townshend for Mesa / Boogie Guitar Amplifiers Ad
1978 Randall Guitar Amplifiers / Sound Reinforcement equipment Ad
1978 Ray Charles on the new Fender MA 8S Stereo Sound System Ad
1978 Red Roe of the Midnight Special for Kustom PA and mixing equipment Ad
1978 Ron Carter uses the best bass strings in the world - La Bella Ad
1978 Ronnie Montrose for Lab Series L5 Guitar Amplifier Ad
1978 Sansui AU-717 DC integrated amplifier & matching TU-717 tuner Ad
1978 Shure SM59 & SM58 dynamic cardioid microphones Ad
1978 Sound Workshop 1280 half-inch 8 track machine Ad
1978 Tapco 6201 compact stereo recording / reinforcement mixer Ad
1978 Tascam Series by Teac recording instruments - No problem Ad
1978 Technics SU-8080 DC integrated amp Ad
1978 Uni-Sync Trouper I Live Music Mixing System Ad
1978 Vintage Manny's Music Store, New York, NY Ad
1979 Audio-Technica ATM91 Microphone Ad
1979 Banner Thomas of Molly Hatchet with Peavey T-40 Bass Ad
1979 Barcus-Berry reinvents the acoustic guitar pickup Ad
1979 Beyer Dynamic M500 ribbon microphone Ad
1979 Crate Compact Guitar Amplifiers Ad
1979 D'Addario Half Rounds Guitar Strings - They're easy. Ad
1979 dbx Model 163 compressor / limiter - the one-knob squeezer Ad
1979 Dean Markley Guitar Strings Ad
1979 DiMarzio Acoustic Guitar Quick-Mount Pickup Ad
1979 DiMarzio Musical Instrument Pickups 2-Page Ad
1979 DOD Flanger 640 Guitar effects Box Ad
1979 Electro-Harmonix Micro Synthesizer guitar processor Ad
1979 GHS Boomers Guitar and Bass Strings - The sound of power! Ad
1979 Gibson G-00L9 Observers Bass Strings Ad
1979 Gizmotron - it can turn you into a group Ad
1979 Jaco Pastorius for Acoustic Amplifiers Ad
1979 Joe Perry & Brad Whitford of Aerosmith / Bill Lawrence pickups & strings Ad
1979 Kelsey Pro Club Series On-Stage Mixer Ad
1979 Lab Series Music Equipment Ad
1979 Larry Carlton for Mesa Boogie Guitar Amplifiers Ad
1979 Mark Naftalin, Gary Pihl & Don Preston - Randall -The Artist's Choice Ad
1979 Marshall 2150 Combo Amplifier Ad
1979 Mighty Mite Distortion Humbucking Electric Guitar Pickup Model 1300 Ad
1979 Molly Hatchet The South rises again for Peavy Amplifiers Ad
1979 Morley Electrostatic Delay System EVO & EDL Ad
1979 Mu-tron Phasor II. The clean sweep of professionals Ad
1979 Music by Matrix. Sound by Bose. Ad
1979 Musico Resynator instrument controlled synthesizer Ad
1979 Neptune Stack Rack - it's like a mini studio on wheels Ad
1979 Pignose Guitar Amplifiers - Built to Last Ad
1979 Rickenbacker TR Series Guitar Amplifier History Ad
1979 Roy Clark for Kustom Guitar Amplifiers Ad
1979 Schaffer B&T wireless system Ad
1979 Shadow Acoustic Guitar Pickups - don't get lost in the group Ad
1979 Shure Microphones - take it from the Pros - Rod Stewart & more Ad
1979 Strobotuner electronic guitar tuner Ad
1979 Studiomaster 16x4 mixing console Ad
1979 Tapco Catalina C-12 Mixing Console Ad
1979 TEAC Multitrack A-3440 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Ad
1979 Truth Christian group - Bose. The Sound of Truth. Ad
1982 Arion 8200 Chromatic. The Hands-Off Guitar Tuner Ad
1982 Boss Guitar Effects System The Box Ad
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