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Vintage Guitar Articles
1970 Chet Atkins Guitar Festival first place winner Douglas Niedt 1-Page Article
1970 Jimi Hendrix Obituary 2-Page Article
1974 Chet Atkins Biography Country Gentleman released 1-Page Article
1974 George Benson 3-Page Article
1974 Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake & Palmer 3-Page Article
1978 Doug Jernigan Pedal Steel Guitar Player Interview 5-Page Article
1978 Guitar Player Magazine's Poll Winners 3-Page Article
1979 ''The Carter Family'' Print Article 7-Pages
1979 Arnie Berle Guitar Lesson - Combining Modal Chords 1-Page Article
1979 Bob Heil Sound What's In A Name 6-Page Article
1979 Brian Jeffery Fernando Sor Biographer 6-Page Article
1979 George Benson - Phil Upchurch - Scott Esterson 15-Page Article
1979 Howard Roberts Guitar Lesson - Bending Strings 1-Pg Article
1979 Jerry Silverman Easy Guitar Lesson - Intro to 7/8 Time 1-Page Article
1979 Jimmy Stewart Guitar Notebook - Robbie Robertson 1-Page Article
1979 Jimmy Wyble Guitar Lesson - Combining Scales 1-Page Article
1979 Larry Coryell Guitar Lesson -Compliments & Explanations 1-Page Article
1979 Lee Ritenour Rock Guitar Fundamentals: Arpeggios 1-Page Article
1979 Leon Gaer - combining electric bass and synthesizer 3-Page Article
1979 Mark Knopfler - Innovative leader of Dire Straits 3-Page Article
1979 Mechanical Accessories / Vibrato Devices 8-Page Article
1979 Roy Bookbinder - Traveling Country Bluesman 6-Page Article
1979 Stefan Grossman Acoustic Set - Joe McLennan's Joe Rag 1-Pg Article
1979 Steve Khan Jazz-Rock Soloist Composer Guitarist 6-Page Article
1979 Tom Darter Music Theory - Scales, Keys, Key Signatures 1-Page Article
1979 Tommy Tedesco Studio Log - Movie Heartbeat Soundtrack 1-Pg Article
1979 Vintage Guitar Market 16-Page Article
1979 Wally Murphy Expanding the Repertoire for Pedal Steel Guitar 4-Page Article
1982 Guitar Gallery of rare insturments 5-Page Article
1982 Guitars of Tomorrow? 7-Page Article
1982 Radical Acoustic Guitars: Arch-Tops & Flat-Tops 5-Page Article
1990 Jason Becker - in the listening room 2-Page Article
1990 Joe Perry, Aerosmith Guitarist - in the listening room 2-Page Article
1990 Peter Green - A Note of Sadness 4-Page Article
1990 Reeves Gabrels - Recognition 5-Page Article
1991 Alex Skolnick Guitar Lesson - Odd Time Signatures 1-Page Article
1991 Bassist Michael Anthony of Van Halen 8-Page Article
1991 Guitarist Robert Fripp 5-Page Article
1991 Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin Interview - Past Perfect 8-Page Article
1991 Queen...and still champions of the world 8-Page Article & Brian May Poster
1991 Robbie Krieger, in-depth look at The Doors Guitarist 4-Page Article
1991 Slayer, Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman 5-Page Article + 3-pg Poster
1991 The Byrds - Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, David Crosby 8-Page Article
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